Welcome to The Mediation Center!

Who We Are:
The Mediation Center is a non-profit organization that provides Maury and surrounding counties with high-quality dispute resolution services at affordable rates.

We are dedicated to helping resolve the disputes that arise in our community.  We serve as a place where people can come and solve their disagreements before incurring the emotional and economic costs of litigation.  Our trained mediators employ problem solving strategies that encourage communication and empower parties to develop their own solutions.

We are partially supported by the Tennessee Administrative Office of the Courts, United Way of Maury County, and the Maury County Government.

What We Do:
We help people solve and prevent conflict.  We have no stake in the outcome of your dispute.  Our only goal is to help everyone who comes through our doors leave with their conflict resolved.  We do this in a number of different ways that vary depending on each situation.  In essence, we listen to each party’s concerns, help articulate and prioritize those concerns, then search for and help devise common ground so that everyone can put the matter to rest and move on.

If you’ve come to this site, there’s a good chance you’re in the middle of a problem.  Maybe you’re trying to see your children more often than you’re allowed to right now.  Perhaps you feel it’s time to end a marriage and need some help figuring out who gets what.  Whatever the source of conflict in your life, we encourage you to explore this website.  It has many of the answers to questions you may have.  If you can’t find what you’re looking for, then please don’t hesitate to give us a call. (931-840-5583)